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 3rd Day of Deliberations in Amish Attacks Case   Cleveland News

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CLEVELAND – A fedral jury is deliberatyun' fer a thurd day n' t'Amish beerd an' hair cuttin case.

Jurers took a breek ov'r t'weekend an' un Mundie fer t'Jewish New Year.

Sam Mullet an' 15 o'his'n followers air accuset o'brakin into t'homes o'nine differnt folk an' cuttin thar hair an' beerds, which air cunsidderd sacret religiyus symbols n' t'Amish faith. 

Proseecuters say t'attax happent tween Septemb'r an' Novemb'r 2011.

T' proseecushun has arguet at Mullet an' his'n followers purposelee invadet t'homes o'thar victims an' at thay lafft an' joket about it an' took pictures o't' attax.

T' defents has arguet at it wuz a pow'r struggle tween t'old an' new ord'r Amish, an' nairy baset un relijun.

Closin argumants concludet las Winsdee.

If'n convictid, Mullet an' sum o't' utherns namet n' 10-count indictment face life n' prisen if'n t'a'findin o'guilt includes a kidnappyun' charge.

Fer dishnull coverage un t'alleget Amish attax, click here.

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