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LOWVILLE — A nine-month old gurl airliftid ta Upstate Medicull Univesty, Syracuse, has diet frum injuries sufferet n' a Tuesdee monin' car-buggy crash.

Names o't' youngn gurl — who sufferet hed an' internal injuries — an' hern moth'r, operater o't' buggy, air bein withheld, accerdyun' ta Undersheriff James M. Monnat.

T' acksident, which occurret about 7:50 a.m. un Route 12 near Vree Road n' t'own o'Harrisburg, is still und'r investigashun, an' charges air pendyun'.

“Primree cawz would be driv'r inattenshun,” Mr. Monnat statid.

T' driv'r o't' moter vehicle, Lacey E. Nerthrup, 27, Lowville, wuz uninjuret n' t'acksident.

T' driv'r o't' buggy sufferet a miner laig injury.

T' herse had ta be euthanizet by staff frum Countryside Veterinree Clinic.

Sherrf’s deputees wuz assistid at t'ssene by Mercy Fliite Cantral, state pleece, Lewis Countee Seerch an' Rescue an' t'Lowville Fire Department.

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