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Jump From Mount Everest Is Discoveryamp;s Latest Live Stunt

Jump Frum Mount Everest Is Discovery’s Latest Lif' Stunt

amp;Naked and Afraidamp; to Return in March, With New Show amp;Discovery After Darkamp;

‘Nekkid an' Afraid’ ta Return n' March, Wit New Shoe ‘Discovery Aft'r Dark’

Discoveryamp;s amp;Devilamp;s Rideamp; Returns With a New Enemy (Exclusive Video)

Discovery’s ‘Devil’s Ride’ Returns Wit a New Enemy (Exclusif' Video)

T' series banket t'cabull netwerk’s highest-ratid seesen premiere n' its furst seesen

Discovery Channel’s “Amish Mafia” returns un Tuesdee, Febuwary 25 at 9/8c.

Lebanon Levi an' his'n guys return fer Seesen 2, which continues ta look inside thar efferts ta keep ord'r n' t'Lancast'r, Pa. communitee.

Accerdyun' ta t'netwerk, Levi’s pow'r is threatend frum bof inside t'secretif' Amish communitee an' outside o'it. He’ll be fercet ta expan' his'n influence into uther parts o't' kuntry er have it be take away frum 'im.

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Here’s mer un Seesen 2 frum Discovery:

Fer t'furst time, Esth'r speeks out about t'shockyun' uhtack an' responds ta allegatyuns at she is leedyun' a doubull life. Lebanon Levi confronts t'new ferces at challenge his'n autheritee ov'r t'Pennsillvany Amish. Wen temptatyuns frum t'English worl threete ta brang physical harm ta one o't' Amish, Levi an' his'n crew must put aside thar differences wit ferm'r rivals n' ord'r ta protect t'communitee. Meenwhile, Levi’s nemesis Merlin seeks revenge un Wayne fer oustyun' 'im frum Amish Aid n' Ohio. By recruityun' new enfercers an' bildin fresh alleeinces, Merlin hopes ta regane kuntrol o'Ohio an' fulfill his'n destiny o'leedyun' t'entire Amish communitee.

Producet fer Discovery by Hot Snakes Media, “Amish Mafia’s” furst seesen premieret ta t'cabull netwerk’s highest-ratid series premiere n' its histry – a 2.3 ratyun' wit t'netwerk’s key demografic, Adults 25-54.

Watch a shert tees'r above.

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