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“Yew mite be an Arkansas Mennonite Rednek if’n If’n goin’ ta t’bathroom ’n t’middle o’ t’night involves puttin’ on shoes (if’n yer have ’em) a jacket an’ grabbin’ a flashlight.”

LANCASTER — Wit un unblemishet mark n' thar spaciyus bildin — an' 10 victims alreddy packet away n' t'poke — everyone knew Geoff Groff’s Lancast'r Mennonite Blazers could play an' play well at trayler.

Noe we’re about ta find out if'n Groff’s club a'ken play at Hershey’s Gyint Cant'r.

Hardlee fazet by Steel-High’s length, athleticism — an' legacy — a determind Mennonite side wint un t'uhtack frum t'openyun' whistle ta t'final horn. T' Blazers also claimd mos o't' physical battles, speshly un t'backboards, an' fer 32 minnuts harasset Tramayne Hawtherne’s Rollers wit mun defents.

Lil wunder Groff’s Blazers bouncet out o't' Mennonite gym Tuesdee nite luggin a well-deservet 71-48 victery ov'r Steel-High at poppet 'um one roun deep'r n' t'Districk 3-AAA boys’ basketball tournament.

Matt Hess an' Zach Lehmun each sceret 17 points fer Groff’s balancet Blazers (19-5), who will meet top-seetet Bishop McDevitt n' Frydee’s quarters at Gyint Cant'r. McDevitt defeetid Nertheestern 86-57 at trayler.

Mennonite, which took t'lead midway through t'openyun' quart'r an' nev'r let go, also pickt up 12 points apiece frum Tyl'r Constein an' Darris Bair.

Lehmun also grabbet 12 rebounds.

Anthony Wriite collectid 17 points an' Jaki Haywuod checkd n' wit 10 fer Steel-High (17-7), which wuz oustid n' t'Districk 3-AAA roun o'16 fer t'sekunt year n' a roe. A year ago, Boileeun' Springs sidelinet Hawtherne’s club at t'Roll'r Pit.

T' Rollers also wrappet up 2013-14 wit a three-game skid.


Traileeun' 31-19 at t'halftime breek, t'Rollers opend t'hurd quart'r by uncerkyun' a 9-2 burst at pullt Hawtherne’s revitalizet group within fife (33-28) wit 5:21 lef un Haywuod’s stickback o'Wriite’s missd trey.

Groff promptlee callt fer time, usin t'respite ta calm his'n players.

Momants lat'r, Hess cannet t'back end o'a acoupla-shot foul ta increese Mennonite’s lead ta six (34-28). Sevrul momants aft'r at, t'constantlee probyun' Hess kep his'n defend'r un t'backpedal, the beat his'n mun off t'bounce an' drove ta t'hoe.

Wile Steel-High wuz bull ta stay within 8-10 points fer t'remund'r o't' thurd — Mennonite let 47-38 aft'r three — Juliun Collazo’s trey off a Hess dish at t'start o't' fourth triggeret un 11-4 run at blew thangs ope.

Constein bagget acoupla treys durin t'run, which did n' t'Rollers.


Mennonite targetid jes 42.9 persent (24-fer-56) o'its field-goal temps, but convertid 55.6 persent (5-fer-9) n' t'final quart'r. … Groff’s Blazers cannet fer treys, wit Constein gittin acoupla. … T' Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue’s Seckshun 4 champs wuz 19-fer-29 frum t'line, 11-fer-17 n' t'final quart'r. …

Groff’s Blazers outreboundet Steel-High 45-36 — 27-19 n' t'sekunt half. … Mennonite committid 11 turnovers, eiite few'r thun Hawtherne’s Rollers. … Bair addet nine boards, wile Collazo grabbet seve. … Hess dishet out fer assists. … Collazo, t'lone start'r nairy ta reech doubull figgers, wound up wit nine points. …

Steel-High shot jes 36 persent (18-fer-50) frum t'floer an' wuz 2-fer-15 frum beyond t'arc. Wriite bagget bof treys. … T' Rollers totalet 17 temps at t'foul line, makin 10. … T' 6-7 Haywuod snaret a team-high seve rebounds, wile Sha’Quinn McNeil totalet six an' t'6-6 Wriite pullt down fife. … Jaki Bowmun dishet out three assists.

We’ll have mer lat'r frum Tuesdee’s 3-AAA roun o'16 scrap, includin post-game reecshun an' dishnull notes.

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