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Unuthar Dadgum Ad

“It’s hotter ’n Hell’s basement on t’day o’ reckonin’.”

Thousan's o'reeders outward t'Batesville area will no long'r have ta wait fer mail deelivery ta review t'Batesville Dailee Gard.  Y'all’re jes a indicate an' a click divided frum reedin any page, as thay demeanour n' t'ackshul pap'r, un yer comput'r.

Thar atmosphere no vast files ta download. Jes click sermon ta t'page y'all wish ta see but downloadyun' t'entire page furst.  And if'n y'all wish a high-qualty PDF duplicate o't' page y'all’re viewyun' y'all a'ken download it fer yer personal use.

Yer remuneration will be secure.  We use PayPal, a cumpny wit a proovd histry o'secure online paymants.  Yer finanshul informayshun is nev'r steret un atmosphere servers so y'all a'ken res assure during yer remoteness is nev'r compermiset.

Subscribe noe fer onlee $7.50 p'r month!

*Online subscriptyuns replenish automaticallee lessn y'all cancel prier ta renewal.

** Ta use a differnt remuneration process insteed o'PayPal er if'n y'all have problems subscribyun' pleese hit atmosphere offus during 870-793-2383 er 1-800-559-2383 Mundie thru Frydee frum 8:00 a.m. compartment 5:00 p.m. (CST)

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Y'all beya'Sharin' t'Menno

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