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“Yew mite be an Arkansas Mennonite Rednek if’n y’all participate ’n t’who kin spit bacer t’farthest contest.”

Acoupla Amish individuals showd up fer court n' Logun Countee Winsdee, Jun. 28, 2015, fer violaytin a citee ordinance pertunyun' ta capturyun' herse droppings. T' acoupla wuz citid fer t'violashun an' did nairy pay t'fine associatid wit t'infracshun.Don A. Mas an' Amos A. Mas wuz stopt by t'Auburn Pleece Department resantlee fer nairy a'havin a colleckshun deevice un t'back end o'thar herse wile travelin n' t'citee limits o'Auburn. N' June 2013, t'Auburn Citee Council votid unanimouslee ta amend its animal ordinance ta include colleckshun devises ta capture excrement an' prevent it frum lan'yun' un citee streets an' parkyun' arees n' t'citee.T' council took acshun aft'r a lengthy dilemma involvyun' t'Amish communitee who drif' thar buggies wit herses through town leevin behin un unpleesant aftarmath. Since t'ordinance change, thar have bee sevrul citatyuns writte ta Amish individuals who wuz foun ta be n' violashun o't' ordinance, an' so fur nairy o'um have paid t'fine, an' nairy have adheret ta t'law o'colleckshun devices.“Thay air jes nairy a'followin t'law,” sed Auburn Pleece Chief Ed Higgins. “And I’ve heerd tell thay air nairy goin ta.”T' case wuz kuntinued ta April 9 by Districk Judge Ke Williams who tole bof Masts ta cleen up aft'r thar herses. He ast chief Ed Higgins ta come ta court un April 9 an' gif' a repert un t'sitchuwayshun.“T' judge gave 'um un oppertuntee ta do whut’s rite,” sed chief Higgins. “I will be showyun' up April 9th ta gif' a repert if'n thay air cleenin up aft'r t'herses an' adheryun' ta t'ordinance.”Chief Higgins sed he will a'cantinyah cityun' innyone who kums through town an' is nairy a'followin t'law at cleerlee states “a properlee fittid colleckshun deevice shall be securelee placet un all herses er uther large animulls wile such animulls air un t'street within t'citee limits o'Auburn.”Chief Higgins sez he is nairy pickin un innyone, onlee a'doin his'n job an' enfercyun' t'laws set furth by t'citee council.Herse droppings have bee a problem t'Citee o'Auburn has bee faseeun' fer yeers. Wit t'growin Amish communitee n' Auburn an' Simpsen Countee, travel through Auburn has increeset ov'r t'pas few yeers, an' so have herse droppings.“I have noticet sum Amish air goin roun t'citee limits noe,” sed chief Higgins.Wit t'new amendet ordinance, inny large animulls hoofyun' it trough town air noe rekwiret ta have a colleckshun deevice ta catch whut minny a have bee tard o'seein hit t'streets an' parkyun' lots. Countless discussyuns an' close-call actyuns by t'council have let up ta t'amendment, as council members an' t'citee’s mayer finallee run out o'patience.T' amendment reeds:No persen should alloe un animal und'r his'n er hern kuntrol ta be upon public propertee, includin streets within t'citee limits o'Auburn, er upon t'propertee o'anoth'r, absent t'consent o't' own'r er occupant o't' propertee, without sum deevice fer t'removal an'/er contunment o't' animulls excrement; ner shall inny persen fail ta remoov inny excrement depositid by inny animal und'r his'n er hern kuntrol un public er private propertee. Thishere acshun shall nairy applee ta guide dogs und'r kuntrol o'a blind persen.A properlee fittid colleckshun deevice shall be securelee placet un all herses er uther large animulls wile such animulls air un t'street within t'citee limits o'Auburn. T' sole excepshun o'thishere rekwirement shall be fer speshul evants wen cleenup croos air providet as part o't' event.T' Amish individuals n' court Jun. 28 claim t'devises will spook thar herses an' cawz a safetee concern. Chief Higgins sed thar air devices at a'ken be securet ta t'buggy insteed o't' herse at would override at complunt.“I met wit t'Amish un minny a occasyuns an' have talkt wit 'um,” sed mayer Hughes. “We have bee tole thay would cleen up aft'r thar herses, but at unfertunatelee wuz nairy done. Noe wit t'amendment at rekwires colleckshun devises, thay air oncet agin nairy compleeyun'. Everyone must faller t'law no matt'r who y'all air.”Hughes sed, und'r legal advise, at t'Citee o'Auburn will be sendin thems who air n' violashun o't' animal ordinance through t'court system ta han'le t'issues frum noe un becawz a'talkin isn’t wurkin.Ta contact Chris Coop'r, email ccoop'r@newsdemokratleed'r.com er call 270-726-8394.

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