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“Yew mite be an Arkansas Mennonite Rednek if’n y’all think a chain saw is a musical instrument.”

Wen Hanov'r High Skool art teechur Marie Smith heerd tell it wuz t'Nighthawks turn ta fill t'art exhibit at t'Hanov'r Theet'r, she wunderd hoe she could make thar projeck unikwe.
Smith an' a few o'hern studants knew thay wantid ta wurk un a projeck at involvet ever student an' facultee memb'r at t'high skool, but thay wuz still brunstarmyun' idees.
“We neetet ta find sumthin at would be easy ta do an' it would still look good,” Smith sed.
Evantuallee, Smith an' members o't' Nashshunal Art Honer Socidey deecided t'projeck should embrace t'local connecshun ta Amish cultchur.
Noe thay’re makin it happe.
About 420 studants an' 40 facultee members air participatyun' n' t'schoolwide projeck at highlights t'unikwe designs o'tradityunal Amish quilts. Smith an' t'honer socidey hope ta cumplete it by t'end o'Febuwary.
Aft'r t'puntings air finisht, thay’ll be hung outside t'Frederick Street theet'r. T' display un t'Cant'r Skware bildin is a part o'Mane Street Hanov'r’s plun ta revitalize t'downtown area.
T' projeck includes a series o'22-by-28 inch post'r boards, each wit a differnt quilt design.
T' designs wuz creetid by dividyun' each board into small tryingles an' skwares, an' numberyun' 'um. Each student wuz gif' a numb'r an' ast ta decerate at space. Fer consistency, artists wuz onlee allowd ta use a han'fil o'colers.
“A'knowin at we’ll be t'ones who brightenet up t'place will be greet,” sed Emma Hagarmun, a freshmun. “So minny a folk had a part n' thishere an' it will be greet fer so minny a folk ta see at.”
Thishere is t'sekunt time t'heet'r has feeturet art by Hanov'r High Skool studants. T' districk wuz t'furst o'inny area skool ta have its wurk displayet un t'heet'r. Thar Civil War era puntings, which paid tribute ta t'Battle o'Hanov'r, wuz un display durin t'summ'r o'2013.
Fer sum Hanov'r High Skool senyers, t'chance ta have thar art hung un t'heet'r fer t'sekunt time brung back recolleckshuns frum t'start o'high skool. Sum o'thems recolleckshuns hepped inspire t'Amish quilt theme, seenyer Noah Haryun' sed.
“T' idee also kum frum one o't' furst art classes we took n' high skool,” Haryun' sed. “We did a projeck like thishere wit pap'r cuttin, differnt colers an' local histry.”
Thishere projeck has motivatid high skool administraters ta come up wit schoolwide activitees un a yeerlee basis.
“We air a'trine ta build a cultchur whar we air a fambly, team players an' wurk togeth'r ta creete sumthin greet,” sed Rina Houck, t'principal at Hanov'r High Skool. “Whut a greet way ta shoe t'entire communitee hoe we collaberate ta do sumthin.”

Lank ta thishere artikul: 

Y'all beya'Sharin' t'Menno

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