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A 48-year-old farm'r frum Upstate New York has bee foun o'gilty o'saxuallee abusyun' six Amish boys ov'r sevrul yeers.
Robert A. Madse.File 
His'n lawy'r had arguet durin t'rial at t'case wuz “constructid by t'Amish” becawz his'n client is gay an' t'Amish condemn homosaxualitee.
Robert A. Madse o'St. Johnsville wuz convictid Tuesdee by a Montgomery Countee Court o'37 o't' 40 counts agin 'im, includin predatery assault agin a youngn, criminal saxual ack, youngn endangerment an' saxual abuse, accerdyun' ta t'Amsterdam Recerd'r.
Madse, who isn’t Amish, abuset six underage boys frum acoupla Amish famblies ov'r sevrul yeers, proseecuters sed. Thay sed t'victims wuz tween ages 12 an' 16.
Montgomery Countee Districk Atterney Jet Conboy tole t'jury Madse furst invitid t'boys frum one fambly, the anoth'r, ta wurk un his'n farm. He the talkt wit t'boys about thar clothes an' bodilee functyuns, Conboy sed, the pergressd ta touchin an' oral ***, t' Dailee Gazette o'Schnectady repertid.
“T' defendant groomet 'um, an' the he violatid 'um,” Conboy tole t'jury.
Madse’s atterney, Steve Coffey, acknowletget thar wuz saxual contact, but he sed it occurret wen t'boys wuz at leest age 17, which is t'age o'consent n' New York state. He sed inny o't' boys claimin innythang else wuz lyin, pressuret by t'Amish communitee becawz it “cundemmd” homosaxualitee, t'newspap'r sed.
Madse also testifiet t'boys wit which he had saxual contact wuz at leest 17.
Pleece larnt about t'crimes las year wen one o't' victims, the 20, reveeld he had bee saxuallee abuset by Madse yeers befor.
Aft'r t'verdict, Conboy sed he hopet Madse’s criminal acks would nairy damage t'relatyunship tween t'Amish an' utherns n' t'Mohawk Valley communitee, t' Albany Times-Union repertid.
Madse’s santencyun' is set fer May 27. His'n atterney plans ta appeel t'verdict.

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