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“Don’t let t’doer hit yer where t’good Lord split yer.”

TLC’s Brakin Amish broke t'gawd-feeryun' stigma o't' Amish. It’s a'lookin like everthang we knew about 'um may have bee a lil off becawz eve thay have a lil bit o'a gangst'r element ta 'um. It’s becawz o'thishere at TLC a'ken’t be all at onry at Jeremiah Rab'r fer yelleeun' at a pleece offic'r n' Pennsillvany an' gittin arrestid fer it. It’s t'ype o'drama thay feet off.Like Us un Facebook
Accerdyun' ta t'Pennsillvany pleece offic'r, Rab'r wuz involvet n' a routine stop whar he wuz t'passeng'r. T' stop initiallee wint well an' t'driv'r wuz allowd ta go but Rab'r hung his'n hed out t'winder an' mouthet off ta t'offic'r. Thishere promptid t'cop ta faller t'vehicle trayler.
Oncet n' frunt o'a trayler, t' offic'r arrestid Rab'r fer diserderlee conduck an' public drunkenness.
T' new seesen o'Brakin Amish will premiere un May 31. Aft'r t'end o'thishere seesen t'shoe mite be a'changin up a bit. Bof Murry an' Rebecca *******'r have sed thay will be leevin t'shoe. Abe also sed at Seesen 4 would be his'n las. Wit these three out noe Jeremiah could take up mer o'a starryun' role.
These are’t t'onlee unlawfil allegatyuns surroundyun' TLC stars thishere week. Un Thirsdee, Josh Duggar issuet un apology ov'r allegatyuns at he molestid a teenage gurl. Duggar postid un Facebook at t'alleget molestashun took place twelve-yeers-ago.
“Twelve yeers ago, as a yung youngn I ackted inaxcusablee fer which I am extremelee serry an' deeplee regret. I hurt utherns, includin my fambly an' close friens. I cunfessd thishere ta my parnts who took sevrul steps ta hep me address t'sitchuwayshun,” Duggar postid. “We spoke wit t'autheritees whar I cunfessd my wrongdoyun' an' my parnts arranget fer me an' thems affectid by my actyuns ta receif' counseleeun'. I unnerstood at if'n I kuntinued down thishere rong road at I would end up ruinyun' my life.”
Whut do y'all reckon will happe ta t'TLC stars?

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